Catís Eye Nebula (NGC 6543)

RA 17 58 33.4

Dec + 66 37 59.5

The Catís Eye Nebula presents two problems to the observer that can be seen in this image put together from those taken by other Faulkes users [60second H alpha, D. Dugan (red), 60 second OIII, D. Dugan (green) and 120 second Blue, Faulkes Team (blue)]

other people's.jpg

There is a dramatic inner structure and there is a much larger surrounding structure the brightest portion of which has its own code IC 4677 (bottom centre, above). Attempting to image the outer structure will over expose the inner and properly exposing the inner will not show up the outer structure. So we have to think about this in the planning of our own observations.

Observations on Faulkes North 17/3/09 13:30 UT

Faulkes north was closed due to 98% humidity so we will have to try again