Sir George and the Civil War

When war broke out in 1642 Jersey tried for neutrality but accepted a parliamentary governor in 1643. Then Sir George Carteret arrived - ousted the governor and secured Jersey for the King (Guernsey was parliamentarian throughout apart from a small royalist garrison in Castle Cornet).

A naval officer in the 1630s and recently the King's prize agent in St Malo Sir George soon fitted out a pinnace under Captain George Bowden as a privateer to prey on Parliamentary shipping.

In December 1644 Sir George was appointed Vice Admiral of Jersey and was authorised to issue Letters of the Marque there by legitimising the 'Governor's Galley's' predatory acts.

Sir George went on to build up a small fleet of privateers which was supplemented by other royalist men of war and French and Flemish vessels keen to profit from the dispute.

After the restoration of Charles II Sir George was to benefit greatly from his support of the royalist cause.

reference: p98 "A People of the Sea" A.G. Jamieson, Methuen 1986