Homo erectus

Richard Leakey found an extremely complete skeleton at Lake Turkana the so called Turkana Boy. He stood fully erect at 1.6m tall aged 12 and had a brain size of 830cm3. Originally assigned to Homo erectus it is now thought more appropriate to describe the Turkana Boy as Homo ergaster (1.9mya), with H. erectus kept for later fossils from 1.6 to 0.6 mya in Africa and other parts of the World. One such from the rest of the World is the famous Java man, re-dated at 1.6-1.8mya with older fragments from China perhaps showing affinities to H. ergaster. Elsewhere in China one cave has produced 40 individuals of Peking Man from 0.6-0.2mya perhaps showing brain size increase from 900-1100cm3 over that time. Evidence of fire use for H.erectus is reported from Israel at 0.8mya.

Homo erectus in East Africa perhaps made the Acheulean tools which date from 1.5mya. The older Oldowan tools of East Africa dated from 2.6-1.5mya are generally ascribed to H.habilis, H.ergaster and H.rudolfensis

source p383